Tips for a Successful payment

Ensure you can use face mask ASAP, Pls read this tips for a successful payment, We will deliver your order immediately once payment confirmed.

1st: Why Did my payment fail?


a). Incorrectly information

Failed payments typically happen when credit card information is entered incorrectly or the card is declined. For transactions in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, double-check that your zip/postcode has been entered correctly and matches your billing address. Incorrect information can cause your transaction to be blocked.

b). Bank no authorization (Most Common Reason)

This happens lots, You need to contact your card issuing bank to Authorize this payment, tell the bank you placed this order, let them release this payment, also email to us, We will recharge and no need re-order again.


2nd: Suspected fraud

Our system will give a warning for some Suspected fraud payment, in order to protect the security of the cardholder’s funds and confirm that the transaction is authorized by the cardholder. We need the front picture of the bank card.
Ease your worries, you can blur some numbers ( at the same time, please keep the first six, the last four numbers, and the name of the cardholder ).



 3rd: Exceed Transactionable Amount

To keep safe of payment, We set $2000 limit for a single order, If you order more then 2000usd, pls split the order to more orders, Make sure each one less than $2000



We will deliver the goods immediately once the payment is successful.

We encourage customers to interact with us (email, phone, customer service chat, etc.) and randomly select lucky customers to give coupons.