Kn95 vs N99 Mask – What’s the Difference?

The world is currently experiencing increased levels of germs, bacteria, viruses, and microbiome. There has also been a rise in manufacturing industries and science inventions resulting in air pollution, not to forget the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The only way is to protect yourself, and there is no better way to do so than by using masks.

There has been a rise in demand for face masks, especially in this time when they have become a mandatory requirement in most states. With the increased demand, there has also been an increase in suppliers coming up every day and claiming to offer the best quality. They understand that people are desperate to acquire the masks, and if you are not careful enough, you will fall in their scam pitfall. Note that not all masks are competent or good enough to keep you safe from the virus.

The most popularly used face masks include the KN95 and the N99 respiratory masks. Most people tend to fail to understand between the two. Our article is going to scrutinize and unleash the differences between KN95 vs. N99 respiratory masks.

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KN95 vs N99 Head to Head Comparison

Before we jump into the differences, you need to understand what the KN95 vs. N99 masks are. Both of them are respirators, and they provide the best protection against airborne diseases, viruses, bacteria, or pollen and dust. They are made of different materials and filter out particulates at different rates. Let’s have a look at kn95 vs n99.

Filtering Efficiency

KN95 vs N99
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The first thing to note when comparing the KN95 vs. N99 respiratory face masks is their varying filtration percentages. KN95 mask is designed to filter out up to 95% of particulates that are greater than 0.3 microns from the air. Such particulates include viruses, microbes, dust, and polluted gases. This helps in offering substantial safe and clean air.

The N99 respiratory face mask, on the other hand, filters the highest percentage of material particulates of up to 99% from the air. This makes it more efficient than the KN95 mask. It filters particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, for example, the bacteria and viruses. With this highest filtration ability, the N99 mask is more recommended for hospitals and government agencies. N99 is probably the better for copping COVID-19 pandemic than the KN95.


The Kn95 face mask comprises a three-layer filtration, paper material. This makes it lighter for comfortable wearing by even your kids. It has shareable nose clips that help to prevent it from falling. The KN95 mask is ultimately designed to suit individuals who require protection against dust, pollen, and fumes. You can comfortably use this mask for non-strenuous outdoor activities.

Unlike the KN95, the N99 respiratory face mask comprises adjustable ear loops that allow efficient personal fitting. It features a coconut shell made from carbon and ideally meant to filter out particulates, as small as 0.3 microns. It has multiple layers of filtration for efficiency and availed as either single or dual elevation valves that allow you to breathe comfortably.

If you want a well-designed mask with multiple layers of filtration and air valves, the N99 respiratory mark will be the best option. Other than the multiple layers, the mask’s microfiber and organic cotton materials make it relatively more cumbersome than the KN95 mask. For this matter, the N99 mask is much used by front line health workers.

Usage Period

KN95 vs N99
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The usability period of a face mask will determine how reliable it can be. Some masks can only be used up to eight hours before disposal while others can be reused. The quality of the material used also matters a lot. KN95 respiratory mask is reusable but only for 72-hours before it is disposed of. Its paper material design makes it hard to wash by hand.

N99 face mask, on the other hand, has a hand-washable microfiber and organic cotton. They are easy to clean, and with this, you can reuse it for up to fifteen days. This makes it more cost-effective than the KN95 face mask and ideal for those individuals or health workers with a fixed and limited budget. The N99 mask filter has more long-lasting performance, unlike the KN95 mask.


The KN95 vs N99 face masks are designed to serve different purposes. The quality of the material is the primary aspect when determining the masks’ functionality. In our case, we find the KN95 mask more suitable for individuals who want to protect themselves from harmful gases, dust, or pollen, including other outdoor activities. It’s the best choice for using while running, jogging, walking, or cycling. This is because of their light material and design.

The N99 face mask is specifically used at hospitals and protection from airborne diseases and viruses. Its multiple layers of filtration and microfiber plus cotton material makes it the best for use by frontline workers in the health sectors. This respiratory mask fits tightly on your face, thus reducing any chances of microbial penetration.

Ease of Wearing

KN95 vs N99
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KN95 mask tends to be a little bit easier to put on and take it off your face as compared to the N99 mask. The KN95 face masks are lighter and designed with shapeable nose clips that allow excellent and secure sealing. This is also the feature that makes kn95 masks ideal for kids while protecting them from airborne infections and dust or pollen.

As for the N99 mask, its elastic straps allow for comfortable wearing and taking off. Nonetheless, the sidelining fact is that its multiple layers and tight-fitting ability on your face make it hard to take off. It’s for this reason as to why the N99 respirator masks are ideal for hospital and medical use and not day to day use by anyone.

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Certification for use is crucial when determining the best option in KN95 vs N99 respirator masks. KN95 masks are approved by the CDC and accepted for protection against dust, allergies, air pollutants as well as microbiomes. The N95 masks, on the other hand, are laboratory and clinically tested for use in hospitals, individual protection, and government frontline workers.

Masks with high-quality material construction and design are much useful in protecting the respiratory system from infections caused by viruses, bacteria, air pollutants, dust, among other microns. They are the best option for protection against coronavirus. With the above differences between KN95 vs N99 respirator masks, we believe that you are now well educated and informed. You can quickly determine the best choice based on reliability, ease of use, and comfort when wearing the mask. You will be able to choose your preferred masks depending on your desired filtration rate and design of the mask. Don’t forget to look at the mask pricing.

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