KN95 vs KN90 Mask – What’s the Difference?

Wearing a face mask is the new necessity the world over. Kn95 and kn90 are among the most popular masks on offer. While some people are only interested in finding a recommended mask, others are eager to find out more about the masks. Like most people, we got curious and decided to do a review of kn95 vs kn90 to find their difference. This is what we found out concerning their similarities and differences.

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Kn95 vs kn90 – Filtering success rate

These masks are popular for good reasons. They can filter massive amounts of pollutants and trap them before they get to your face. This is because kn95 mask has a 95% filtering success rate while kn90 has a 90% filtering rate.

That should tell you that when wearing the kn95, you have 95% protection against infections and 90% when you have the kn90 mask on. Globally, that success rate is considered quite high. After all, you won’t get a face mask that filters 100% contaminants from the air.

A review of quality differences for kn95 vs kn90

kn95 vs kn90
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Contaminated air may carry microscopic contaminants like viruses, germs, and droplets as well as larger particles like pollen, molds, dust, and fur. The kn95 and kn90 masks are able to filter out minute pollutants, some as tiny as 0.3 microns. They also trap larger particles and keep them away from your face. Moreover, even when your workplace is associated with different types of odors, a kn95 or kn90 mask will filter out such smells.

The two masks feature 4-ply face filters that have an inner carbon 2.5pm layer to increase their effectiveness in barring impurities from reaching your nose, mouth, and face.


In reviewing kn95 vs kn90 face masks, we established that both are made of a fine fabric that feels silky on the face. It is strong and durable, which means that you can wash it without disfiguring it. Moreover, this fabric stretches well to conform to the contours of your face. This is good since it forms a tight barrier over your face without losing its shape.

You can choose to buy a kn95 or kn90 mask with straps that go around your head or a band that hangs around your ears. In either case, you can tighten or loosen the strap to suit your comfort.

The kn90 mask has a breathing valve over your nose to make it less difficult for you to breathe. Even without this valve, the kn95 does not compromise your ability to draw in air into your nose. This is because its fabric allows sufficient air through it for you to breathe effortlessly.

To give you maximum seal against splashes, both kn95 and kn90 masks have three pleats. One goes below your chin, the other over your mouth and the last covers your nose. Each pleat is designed to fit the contour of the part that it should cover.


kn95 face masks disposable
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Nowadays, finding a mask that you can buy is a herculean task, yet wearing one is a new necessity for most of us. The good thing is that manufacturers have become more innovative and produced safe reusable kn95 and kn90 masks.

As such, your kn95 mask can last you up to 40 hours while the kn90 lasts for about 100 hours.

Comparing disinfection and sterilization for kn95 vs kn90

If you must reuse your kn95 or kn90 mask, there are disinfection and sterilization guidelines that you have to follow. To disinfect the kn90 mask, just give it a good wash with soap and water. You must then let it dry naturally under the sun. The heat from the sun will further sterilize it, which makes it essential for you to allow it to stay a bit longer in the sun.

Experts have advised against disinfecting the kn95 with soap and water. According to them, you should disinfect the mask using a hydrogen peroxide spray, heating it to 750C for not less than 30 minutes, or using Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). However, do not disinfect a soiled or damaged mask. Instead, dispose of it in the recommended manner.


are kn95 masks washable
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The kn95 and kn90 masks are made from refined fabric that feels soft on your face. An inner anti-allergy layer has also been stitched on to protect you if you have a sensitive skin. The kn90 even has a clip that secures it to your nose bridge so you don’t have to pull it up when it slides down.

The edges of these masks are tight enough for a maximum seal against splashes. You, however, won’t feel like you are suffocating beneath them because they are elastic and easy-going. The straps are also modifiable; you determine how loose or tight you want your mask to fit.

 Pros of kn95 and kn90

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Highly efficient
  • Light and soft
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Pleated for maximum cover
  • They come with modifiable straps
  • The masks are made using breathable materials

Cons for kn95 and kn90

  •  Inappropriate for oil-based impurities
  • Expensive
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The popular kn95 and kn90 masks will give you maximum protection against most of the impurities such as viruses, germs, molds, pollen, and dust. The face masks filter 95% and 90% of impurities respectively, which is considered highly effective.

Both the masks are also comfortable and friendly to the skin. Their fine fabric offers you protection while also allowing you to breathe effortlessly. After you have used your kn95 or kn90 face mask in a contaminated area, you can disinfect them and keep them for reuse. It is, however, not advisable to reuse your mask if it is ruined or soiled.

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