KN95 vs FFP2 Mask – What’s the Difference?

You probably know that kn95 and ffp2 are among the best face masks on offer. You may be wondering what you should look out for to decide which of these masks you should buy. We will help you to understand, kn95 vs ffp2, what is the difference?

Although the two masks have been certified in different countries, they are similar in many ways. They differ in such negligible ways that you may not easily notice.

They are safe for use by health workers or for public use. Authorities have certified the masks as highly effective in protection against infections from pathogens such as the Coronavirus.

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Kn95 vs Ffp2 – Performance

Kn95 vs Ffp2
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Your face mask should filter as much particulate matter as possible to give you maximum protection. The kn95 face mask can detect and filter up to 95% of contaminants from your air. The ffp2, on the other hand, filters 92%. According to experts, these are very successful masks since there isn’t any mask that offers 100% protection.

The two masks are fitted with a replaceable carbon 2.5pm film. This film can screen large particulate matter up to 2.5 microns, including pollen, dust particles, fur, and molds.

They also filter microscopic pollutants of less than 0.3 microns. Most viruses, such as the Covid 19 are within this range. These are good masks since they protect you from many impurities usually found in the air that are not easily detected.Kn95 vs Ffp2 – Design

Your kn95 or ffp2 face mask is made of fine non-woven fabric. This fabric is soft on your skin and is firm enough to withstand any pressure as you cough or sneeze. It is also flexible enough to cover your face and contour to your facial structure.

Both of these face masks have pleats that make them bend at your chin, your nose and mouth, giving you full coverage of the areas that toxins are likely to get in through.

The edges of your kn95 and ffp2 masks are elastic. They have been made tight but elastic so that you do not have open edges that can allow in splashes into your nose or mouth.

The two masks also have adjustable ear bands that you can tighten or slacken to your comfort.

Kn95 vs Ffp2 – Comfort

Like we have stated, the masks will fit comfortably on your face. They have been stitched with an anti-allergy sheet on the inside to protect your sensitive skin. They also have a nose valve with wider openings to allow you to breathe naturally while in the mask. However, this does not compromise your safety since this valve does not allow droplets or impurities to pass into your nose.

The ffp2 mask has a metal clip that clips on to your nose bridge for a more secure grasp. It also gives the upper part of your face mask some weight to prevent it from sliding down your nose. This keeps it in place for long and you do not have to pull it up all the time. As experts have advised us, touching your face mask may compromise your safety. It exposes your hands to contamination, and if you touch your eyes, mouth or nose before cleaning your hands, you can infect yourself.

Kn95 vs Ffp2 – Durability

Kn95 vs Ffp2
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The kn95 and ff92 masks can be worn more than once. This is reassuring since you can still rely on their protection as you await a new supply of unused masks, especially now that they are not readily available whenever you need to get a new one.

The kn95 mask has been certified for use for up to 100 hours while the ffp2 can serve you for 200 hours. You can wear your kn95 nonstop for about 8 hours without compromising your safety.

However, you can stay with your ffp2 mask for up to 72 hours and it will still give you utmost protection. Nevertheless, you are advised to dispose or change any mask that is filthy or when it tears.

Kn95 vs Ffp2 – Decontamination

Before reusing your mask, experts advise that you decontaminate it. Decontaminating your ff92 masks will require you to wash in clean soapy water, rinse it well and hang it to dry. It is recommended that you dry it under the sun and expose it to the sun as much as possible as this will disinfect it further.

The kn95 face mask is sterilized with hydrogen peroxide, Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation, or by exposing it to 75oC heat for about 30 minutes.

Pros for Kn95 and Ffp2

  • It is very effective
  • The mask is Reusable
  • It is durable
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-allergic
  • Protects from microscopic pathogens and larger particles
  • It is light

Cons for Kn95 and Ffp2

  • It is expensive
  • Limited supply
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Getting an effective face mask to protect you from disease-causing pathogens and other particles found in the air is important. The kn95 and ffp2 mask have been certified for use by health workers and any other person when leaving home. They can screen both large and small particles.

The two masks are made from soft non-woven material. They also have an inner anti-allergy film. The material stretches to cover your chin, mouth, and nose without leaving any gaps on the edges. They also have ear bands that you can alter to your size.

Your kn95 and ffp2 face masks allow you to breathe naturally. You can reuse them after sterilizing them correctly. However, you are advised to dispose the masks as soon as they are damaged or when they become stained.

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