How kn95 mask works?

Did you know that the mask you are wearing can fail to save you from the Coronavirus? KN95 mask is an exception. It is the among mask with near 100% chances of preventing you from catching the Coronavirus.

In our article today, we discuss how KN95 mask works. You will get an opportunity to understand what the KN95 respirator is. Also, you will know where you can find it, how it can prevent contacting the Coronavirus and its advantages over the other types of masks.

You are going to gain so much from this article.

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What is KN95 Mask?

The KN95 mask is a tight-fitting, four-layered mask that protects the users from all manner of particles, big or small. You can use this mask for a more extended period, unlike the other types of respirators.

The KN95 mask can provide efficiency of up to 95% protection. Concerning COVID -19 pandemic, it acts as personal protective equipment for the face. It filters out particles like dust, viruses, and micro-organisms.

How the KN95 Mask Looks Like

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Have you come across the KN95 mask?

You probably have. Health workers in China have widely used this respirator since the emergence of Covid-19 incidences there. It is also in high demand all over the world right now, and a significant number of people have acquired it.

  • It has four layers-in between; the outer layers is a filtering layer to prevent drops from leaving or entering
  • It has elastic straps
  • A nose clip that you can adjust accordingly depending on the shape and size of the face

It is thicker than a surgical mask, sturdy but soft to the feel.

Look out for those features if you are buying a KN95 respirator. Ensure you purchase the correct one and pay keen attention to how it works. The section that begins from the next paragraph in this article provides the information that you need.

How does the KN95 Mask Work

The KN95 mask fits around the nose perfectly well. You have to confirm the fittings in comparison to your face before you buy it. The better it is while fitting, the more assured you are of protection.

You cannot wear the KN95 for long, not at all. The reason is that the KN95 design is such that it can only be worn comfortably for a continuous period of not more than 30 minutes. Wearing it for more than that may cause breathing difficulties.

It will also get wet due to sweat and dirt, and that is the time that you should be removing it from your face.

You should wear the mask while outside or in public places to protect yourself from COVID-19. Take a lot of caution in such instances and make sure that you finish what you are doing without taking so much time. Get away from there as soon as possible, at least within 30 minutes. Alternatively, have a spare mask at the ready so that you can change.

Ideally, you can put the KN95 respirator to use for one week before you can get rid of it completely. That is the recommended time.

Why You Must Shave Beard before Wearing the Mask

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A perfect fit is essential for the KN95 to work. It will not fit properly on your face if there is facial hair between the respirator and the skin and hence this will reduce its effectiveness. The space left will still allow particles to go through and get into contact with your mouth and nose.

As such, even though the KN95 is among the most effective masks in preventing the Coronavirus, wearing it with unshaven facial hair would not keep the virus away.

You are probably agonizing since it is painful to compulsorily have to shave your beard after such a long time. However, in this era of the deadly Covid-19, saving your life is more important than keeping the pride.

Remember, any respirator can only be effective in preventing your contact with any particles if:

  • It is worn and fitted perfectly
  • You use it in the right way

In light of all the above, it is therefore critical that you make sure you are using the KN95 mask correctly. You may observe the following rules:

  • Never wear the mask upside down
  • Ensure you have covered the mouth, nose, and chin
  • Do not touch the surfaces of the mask with your hand
  • Do not recycle the mask
  • Make sure you are using the genuine KN95 mask
  • Always ensure proper disposal of used respirators to prevent the potential spread of more illnesses

Pros and Cons of the KN95 Mask

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Nothing is perfect anywhere in the world. Such is the case for one of the best respiratory mask that we have in the market, the KN95. It has both its advantages and some disadvantages.

The Pros

  • The KN95 mask design is one that fits perfectly on the face
  • It is thick enough to prevent unwanted particles (including fine dust)
  • It is soft and comfortable to the skin despite its slight thickness
  • You can use one mask for up to one week

The Cons

  • The KN95 can cause difficulties in breathing if used for long (can get stuffy and uncomfortable).
  • It does not work well on bearded faces.
  • You may suffer respiratory conditions if you use it with underlying health conditions in your body.
  • There are so many imitations in the market that are eroding its effectiveness.
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We have seen how KN95 mask works. We started by mentioning what it is and how it looks. KN95 mask is among the respiratory masks that are approved by the FDA, and in this era of the Coronavirus, they are among the first choice for medical professionals in the front line. We have gathered information about the advantages and disadvantages of the KN95, and that serves to enlighten you even more. Grab a mask and help save the world by preventing the spread of Coronavirus. You can use a KN95 with confidence and help stop the COVID-19 pandemic that is changing our cultures

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