10 Best Soundbars under $200 (Reviews of 2020)

Soundbars were initially designed for flat-screen TVs. Those ultra-slim screen silhouettes have no room for high-quality speakers, so many buyers would get a soundbar to complement the TV’s built-in sound system. These days, portable speakers are often marketed as soundbars too.

TV soundbars don’t have true surround sound. But they’re cheaper and have less wiring. Many have WiFi or Bluetooth capacities. And you can still link them to subwoofers if you want to. But how can you be sure you have the best soundbar under 200 dollars? Let’s start with some top picks!

The Best Soundbar under $200

1. TopRoad Portable Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 TopRoad
Image: hoy como ayer

As you hunt for the best soundbar under 200 dollars, you’ll see many models claiming to have surround sound. But while they may amplify multiple frequencies – including tweeters and bass – it’s not the same as Dolby settings. This because all sound feeds come from the same spot.

That said, TopRoad does a good job of mimicking directional speakers. It’s a hybrid with the design features of an outdoor portable speaker and the elongated look of a traditional soundbar. The speaker measures 400mm by 70mm by 55mm, and you can use it indoors and outdoors. It uses BlueTooth 3.0 with a signal range of 10 m unobstructed and frequencies of 85kHz – 20kHz.

Because it’s built for the outdoors, this speaker can hit 80dB. It can read TF cards and USBs, and it also receives FM radio signals. Its 1800mAh battery charges in 3 to 4 hours and can play up to 5 hours. This stretches to 8 hours in standby mode. The speaker comes in 5 colors, and because it has a built-in mic, you can link it to your smartphone for hands-free calls.

This colorful soundbar has the aesthetics of a portable speaker and the power of a house-bound one. Its 4 sound units effectively imitate surround sound. But it has no wall plugs and no clock.

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2. Xiaomi BlueTooth Soundbar (Our Top Pick)

Best Soundbar under 200 Xiaomi
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When you have a high-end smart TV, you want a soundbar that matches. For example, a wall-mounted TV looks good with a soundbar installed under it. Xiaomi soundbar can be mounted on the wall or a TV stand. Its fabric-covered front offers style and sophistication … but it can also collect dust and is harder to clean than plain plastic or metal casings of typical soundbars.

The soundbar itself comes in 7 colors. It covers frequencies of 50 Hz to 25,000 Hz and has a low impedance of 6 Ohms. And while it’s a single unit, it has 8 sound units, so it offers full stereo and superior surround sound. These units comprise 2 trebles, 2 woofers, and 4 passive basses. The trebles each have a dome with 20 cores. At the back, 6 ports allow multiple input options.

These ports include aux, line-in, optical, and SPDIF. It’s a wireless soundbar, so it can connect via BlueTooth or manually through the SPDIF cable included in the shipping box. It weighs about 1.925kg and measures 32.68 inches by 2.83 inches by 3.43 inches. Its user manual is in Chinese though, so you may need Google or YouTube for specs, instructions, or installation tips.

This TV speaker looks stylish and sophisticated, with its fabric front and fine lines. It might be the best soundbar under 200 dollars, but it needs extra maintenance to keep it clean.

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3. Pafish 2.0 Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 pafish
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Sometimes, you long for old-school gadget features. Things like rotary dials and backlit frequency meters. Pafish gives you one of those features. Instead of digitized buttons and touch screens, the soundbar has a rotary volume disc conveniently positioned on the side. The dial also turns the speaker on or off. Once on, the soundbar automatically seeks out BlueTooth devices.

It still uses soft-touch buttons to skip forward or back, so it’s a happy mix of rustic and retro. Curiously, these push-buttons are located at the back of the device, meaning you can’t mount it on the wall. The top and sides maintain a sleek, minimalist appearance. The back has a textured matte finish while the front has a perforated steel mesh, plus TF, AUX, and micro-USB ports.

These soundbars are mostly used with computers, but it works with a TV as well. You can connect them using the included AUX cable or BlueTooth. The soundbar comes with a remote controller for added functionality. The box also contains a micro-USB charging cable, an RCA cable, and a user manual. This soundbar is smaller than typical TV soundbars, measuring 43cm.

This isn’t a full surround soundbar. Instead, it’s 2-unit 1.8-inch stereo speakers that emit 92dB of layered sound at 10W. It can run for 4 to 6 hours per charge, thanks to its 200mAh battery.

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4. Ikanoo Portable Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 iKANOO

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This is another mini-soundbar that works well with TVs. It’s only 205mm x 30mm x 25mm, but it emits a powerful 80dB of high-quality sound. Its frequency range is 90Hz to 20kHz and its impedance is 4 ohms. It connects via USB though, so you can only link it to a TV with a USB port. But it does have multiple layouts. It can be horizontal, vertical, or clipped onto your TV.

You can order Ikanoo in red or black, but keep its size in mind. Its size is better suited for portable use on laptops or tablets. You can even connect it to your car DVD player. Its body is all metal. It comes without accessories though, so you’ll have to order the USB cable and clip separately. We recommend buying a long cable for easier connections to your screen.

This soundbar is portable and pretty, but it’s limited. Its small size, lack of accessories, and connection restrictions work against it. Also, it doesn’t receive BlueTooth signals.

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5. Xingdoz Y6 BlueTooth Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 Xingdoz
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This angular soundbar is a top contender for best soundbar under 200 dollars. Its body is made of aviation aluminum and it’s a good size – 475mm by 58mm by 53mm. The main controls are on the square-ish side of the speaker for easy access. The side is fully occupied by four push-buttons for rewind/back/reduce volume, forward/skip/add volume, pause/play/mode, and on/off.

The speaker’s input ports are located behind the soundbar, perpendicular to this control panel. There’s a TF reader, a USB charging port, and a 3.5mm audio port. The soundbar also has an internal mic, an LED indicator, and a remote controller with additional options for functionality. The frequency range on this speaker is 100Hz to 18kHz, and it has 4-ohm impedance.

Xingdoz Y6 weighs a reasonable 535g and has a 5.0 BlueTooth chip for wireless functionality. Its battery is 2000mAh and offers 4 to 6 hours of play. Like many soundbars, Xingdoz is two speakers in one. It has two sound units that use 5W each and are 1.8 inches apiece. The shipping box includes three data cables (USB, RCA, and 3.5mm AUX).

This rectangular Y6 speaker has dual control modes – remote and push-button. It’s a high-powered lightweight speaker whose perforated aluminum mesh front curbs distortion.

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6. Tech Regsun 22-inch Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 Tech Regsun
Image: hoycomoayer

Some soundbars have medium-bass woofers built-in. But only the best soundbar under 200 dollars has built-in subwoofers, and this one does. Its standard front perforation is broken up by a black glass panel. This panel receives the remote control signals that keep the speaker running. The speaker also has manual push buttons directly above the remote control panel.

This manual control panel has basic buttons for mode, up, down, on/off, and play/pause. The up and down buttons control both volume and function, serving as back and skip buttons. The battery on this soundbar lasts 2 hours at maximum volume, but it can stretch 3 to 7 hours at reasonable settings. The input ports are at the back of the speaker, opposite the black glass.

These ports include a 3.5mm AUX port, a TF card, RCA ins, and a USB charging port. Meanwhile, the remote control allows for extra functions like mute, wireless, and sound equalizer. The BlueTooth range extends to 16 feet without obstructions. The soundbar itself is a bit hefty at 630g. It measures 550mm in length and its side is a 50mm square.

Tech Regsun’s 22-inch soundbar can connect both wirelessly and through input cables. It emits up to 85dB of sonic pressure and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its LED is color-coded.

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7. Eleoption 20W Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 Eleoption
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Many soundbars are purchased with the TV in mind. But the best soundbar under 200 dollars is versatile enough to be connected to your phone. This Eleoption speaker qualifies. It’s compatible with multiple phone OS, and its control panel has a button you can long-press to start or end a call. The in-built mic means you can talk directly to the speaker during phone calls.

The analog control panel is above the tempered glass panel that receives remote signals. At the back of the speakers, input ports include USB sticks and USB charging, as well as TF card and AUX audio. The audio port is 3.5mm and the box comes with two cables included – RCA and USB. This is a BlueTooth speaker that connects to your TV, tablet, computer, phone, and more.

Its 4.2 BlueTooth range is 8 to 10 meters if there are no obstructions. The soundbar has 4 speaker units inside it so it produces 3D sound in full stereo. Each speaker unit is a 5W piece. The battery is 2000mAh and it takes around 2 to 3 hours for a complete charge. This gives you 2.5 hours of audio play at a maximum sonic pressure of 80dB. Frequencies are 20Hz to 20kHz.

The Eleoption soundbar is 550mm long and 50mm square on the side. It weighs 675g, which is heavy for a purely PVC speaker. It has a standby time of 240 hours before it drains to flat.

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8. Tech Regsun 20W Surround Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 Tech
Image: hoy como ayer

At first glance, this looks like any other speaker. So what makes it the best soundbar under 200 dollars? Well, its four built-in speakers provide a 3D sound experience. Each speaker is 5W and they’re positioned to maximize and simulate surround sound. It has both remote control and manual controls at the top of the soundbar, adjacent to the remote control glass panel.

It’s easy to transport this speaker. Just slip your fingers into the ergonomic hand-grips towards the back of the speaker. There’s one on each side. This speaker can connect to multiple devices, each with its own dedicated mode. This means the speaker has four modes for TV, FM radio, USB, and TF card. Remember to change the mode before you connect your selected device.

This speaker has an inverted tube and internal magnet horns so there’s no distortion and zero loss of sound waves. It actively seeks, identifies, and pairs with nearby BlueTooth devices. It also has a keen memory function for those devices, so it will automatically link to them in the future. The soundbar has pre-set equalizers for 6 music categories including pop, rock, country, and jazz.

Still, for all its good features, the speaker only has an IP rating of IPX4. So while it can survive sweaty palms, you should keep it away from moisture and humidity. The battery charges in 2 or 3 hours and 4 to 6 hours of playback at medium volume. And when it’s not active, its standby time is 240 hours. The speaker weighs 585g and its frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz.

You can tell this HiFi speaker is working because the LED indicator lights up. If you look keenly, you can also see the 4 sound units thrumming through the two perforated front meshes.

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9. Xingdoz X6 Cylindrical Soundbar

Best Soundbar under 200 Xingdoz X6
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The Xingdoz X6 has all the benefits of the Xingdoz Y6. But in this version, those features are sculpted into a curvy cylindrical form. The soundbar has a rotary volume dial on the side and manual controls on the front edge, adjacent to the dial. The rounded speaker has two feet to keep it flat on its chosen surface. Its elliptical dimensions are 63mm by 52mm by 407mm.

At 717g, it’s the heaviest speaker we’ve seen so far. Its frequencies are 100Hz to 18kHz. This candidate for best soundbar under 200 dollars also has the largest battery capacity we’ve reviewed, at 5200mAh. This translates into a potentially ear-shattering 105dB so be careful when you play. The speaker is made of aviation-grade aluminum and its inputs include both AUX and USB.

Xingdoz X6 has a remote control range of 4 to 6m but its BlueTooth extends up to 30 feet. This remote has to be the dedicated brand model – the soundbar doesn’t respond to TV remotes or universal remotes. And when you want to link the soundbar to an external speaker, you have to first disable the TV speaker mode then plug in your AUX cable. Impedance is 4 ohms.

The circular contours on this speaker and pleasing to the eyes and hands. And it’s an energy-saving model at 10W. But be careful not to lose your hearing in the process!

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10. Wireless Sven BlueTooth Soundbar

Best Soundbar under $200 Wireless Sven

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The final item on our best soundbar under 200 dollars list is a sleek, glossy model. Unlike the metal models we’ve explored, this one has shimmering PVC on all its surfaces except for its perforated front. You can control this 550 x 50 x 50 speaker manually or via remote. Its 2000mAh battery charges in 2 to 3 hours, after which it plays for 150 minutes.

The soundbar uses BlueTooth version 4.2. If nothing is blocking the pathway, this BlueTooth reaches 8 to 10 meters away from the receiving device. Be careful with the wall adapter though, since the sandbar ships with a 5-pin V8 micro-socket rather than the usual 3-pin. The speaker has a 3.5mm port but no mic so it can’t support hands-free phone calls.

The Sven soundbar weighs 675g and is mostly plastic. Its DPS prevents distortion and signal loss. It can receive radio signals though and has a sonic pressure threshold of 80dB.

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Pump It Up!

After some careful research, we think Xiaomi BlueTooth Soundbar is the best soundbar under 200 dollars.

Does your TV have a soundbar at the moment? Share your soundbar specs in the comments!

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