10 Best Office Chairs Under $200 (Reviews of 2020)

When you’re buying chairs for the house, you focus on style, cost, and aesthetics. But the best office chair under 200 dollars has additional features. It doesn’t have to be pretty unless your office is in an open place. If clients can see your desk, then yes, your chair has to be attractive.

But beyond that, it needs strong cushioning and lumbar support. You sit in that chair for eight or more hours every day. Meaning you want to be comfortable and avoid blood clots, muscle strain, or spinal injuries. So let’s look at ten popular models of office chairs.

The Best Office chair under 200 dollars

1. Like Regal WCG (Our Top Pick)

Best Office Chair Under 200 Regal
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Sitting in executive office chairs makes you feel important, even if you don’t have a managerial title. And if you have a desk job that chains you to the chair for most of the week, comfort is key. Like Regal WCG is an excellent choice and could be the best office chair under 200 dollars. It comes in ten colors to match your brand palette, and each chair has dedicated lumbar support.

This comes from the chair’s structure, as well as the adjustable strapped-on cushions. These are strategically placed at your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back, ensuring comfort and avoiding sore muscles and strained bones. You can also lean back by easily adjusting the angle of your chair’s backrest. A lever behind the chair also lets you raise or lower your sitting level.

The chair sits on a single pedestal supported by a sturdy five-point asterisk with a wheel at each end. These wheels allow for easy movement around your workstation while the spinning pedestal lets you swivel 360° so you can access every corner of your office. The chair also has a footrest that you can yank out for a lunchtime nap or tuck away for serious meetings.

This super-comfy chair can ship from China or Russia, so choose whichever location suits you best, depending on where you are in the States. It doesn’t come in green though …

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2. Domtwo Thermal Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Thermal
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There are different ways to protect your muscles and joints at work. Some chairs do this by adding padding to soften the load at certain pressure points. Other chairs do the opposite. They plump the outer edges, allowing your body to nestle more comfortably in the center of the chair. These padding positions are what make this model the best office chair under 200 dollars.

The sides of the backrest and bottom rest are thicker then the middle sections, so your office chair seems to almost cuddle you. The backrest curls around your lower back while the seat-section has raised sides and knee pads to cushion your bottom. The strategically placed cushion seams spread your body’s load along ergonomic lines, lessening your muscle strain.

Like other office chairs, this one has a retractable footrest, a sturdy, five-pronged asterisk base for its wheels. The chair also has an adjustable height and lean. You may also have noticed the cables hanging from the armrest. This chair is thermal, so when you plug it in, you can activate a heated massage for your lower back. The chair comes in ten colors including two-toned variants.

If your workplace is laid back and generous enough to let you have thermal massage seats at work, then this is the best office chair under 200 dollars. And its color-schemes are cool too!

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3. Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Ergonomic
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For buyers who are uneasy about shipping locations, try this model from Australia. It’s the best office chair under 200 dollars and it comes with massage functionality. The detail on the sides of the backrest resemble royal regalia in certain traditions, so this chair is fit for kings (and queens). It’s easy to raise or lower the seat level, and you can lean the chair back to 135 °. It carries 150kg.

The footrest can be tugged out or tucked in or soft stainless steel sliders. The chair has two thermal points on its backrest. They’re positioned on the upper back and lower back, with the heat and load being passed along the seams for less soreness and greater comfort. The chair only comes in black, but that’s okay since black goes with everything. Plus, the chair has cute details.

For example, a little leather pouch hangs off the side of the chair, perfect for placing your phone or your portable music player. This can be helpful during meetings where placing your phone on the table maybe be interpreted as rude, inconsiderate, inattentive, or worse – deliberate power play. This happens more often than you’d think, especially for fancy executive smartphones.

This Aussie chair looks good and feels great. But it needs basic workmanship since it comes in pieces and you have to assemble it yourself. The necessary tools and screws are included though.

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4. Like Regal Luxury Button Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Luxury
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You can’t exactly bring a wing-backed chair to work. Even if you’re the boss. But we did find the best office chair under 200 dollars that can mimic this sense of pampering. This buttoned chair from Like Regal is as close to a wing-back as you can get at work. The backrest is decorated with deep buttons connected by diagonal seams and folds. The chair comes in five luxurious colors.

These are black, brown, gold, white, and pink. Some shades are glossy while others are softer more and toned down. Apart from its aesthetics, this office chair is pretty basic. The padding is thick enough to be comfortable, and the lush design makes an impression with clients. You can angle the seat can back using the rotary dial beneath the seat. And it swivels 360°.

And while the backrest is shorter than typical executive chairs, you can raise or lower the seat to your desired height. This Nordic-styled seat is ergonomically angled for comfort, whether you’re sitting straight or leaning back. The wheelbase is high arched and has five prongs tipped by five wheels. The armrests have aesthetic detail as well, with four decorative rails on each side.

If you’re in a creative space – or one with some fashionable leeway, the pink, white, and gold versions of these Nordic studded office chairs can make quite a statement.

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5. Stool Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Stool
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For the office environment that’s Spartan and minimalist but still has a little cheek, this is the best office chair under 200 dollars. It’s a squat munchkin-like chair in sex colors ranging from glossy green to twill gray. You can buy a leather version or a fabric one, depending on your color selection. These swivel seats are low-backed, so there’s not much lumbar support.

You may think you can adjust the height – and you can. But the seat only raises the level of your bottom. You can adjust this from 42 to 51 cm off the floor. So you’ll be closer to the desktop, but the backrest will still go up to your mid-back and no higher. And if you try to lean back, it will dig uncomfortably into your spine. This is probably why the backrest can’t be angled backward.

The wheelbase has a high arc though, making the seat seem taller. Still, these bright, quirky office chairs are best for meeting rooms and lunch areas, not for desk work. The lack of back support will soon tire your out, leaving you achy and sore. The chairs are gorgeous though, with their backrest buttons and the decorative double stitching between each textured square.

These office chairs are cute and stylish, but they’re not ideal for long office hours. They’re best if your job only needs to sit for two or three hours. Or you can put them in the break room.

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6. Quirky Kneeling Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Quirky Kneeling
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Your office has to be pretty modern to settle for pink chairs or half-backed seats. But if you work in a creative communal space – the kind where people have standing desks and sit on exercise balls, then the best office chair under 200 dollars is this kneeling seat. It comes in five colors and is ergonomically designed so it’s good for your back, and for your knees and your core too.

These kneeling chairs are getting quite popular and come in various designs. This particular one rocks, so while it’s not a swivel seat, the gentle movement can be soothing while you work. AS you sit on the padded cushions, your spine naturally curls into its most comfortable, healthy position, keeping your neck straight and your shoulders back, which reduces muscle strain.

Your knees rest gently on the padded knee cushions and your feet arc onto the ground, raising your heels. This position is great for resting your ankles, especially if you’ve been wearing heels or dress shoes that distort your foot posture. There’s no backrest on these chairs, but that keeps you from slouching and builds up your core. It also prompts you to take work-day breaks.

The kneeling chair is made of curved birch wood. The seats and knee pads are cushioned with soft, breathable fabrics. These fabrics can resist mites and bacteria. And while the ergonomic curve of the chair resists breaking, cracking, and crumpling, the seat isn’t designed for everybody. It can hold a maximum load of 85 kilos. That’s just under 190 lbs.

We’re advised to get up and walk around after every 20 minutes of desk work. It’s good for our eyes, joints, hearts, and posture. Kneeling office chairs are a clever way to develop this habit.

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7. Like Regal Winged Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Winged
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We’ve mentioned that luxury armchairs don’t quite fit the typical office. But because we love those grand bits of furniture, we keep finding more office-friendly ways to sneak them in. This ergonomic office chair is a good example. It doesn’t have wing-backs, but the cushions puff up at the sides to imitate the wing-back effect. All the padding in this seat seems inflated.

But the cushions are especially plush on the sides of your head and body, and beneath your knee joints. They seem to sink your back and bottom into the center of the seat for enhanced comfort. The chair comes in three colors and each color has two versions – with and without a footrest.

All versions can lean back and have adjustable height options. Instead of having a continuous center cushion for the backrest, the middle padding is divided into three sub-cushions to support relevant areas of your spine. The chair is 48cm wide at the head, 64cm wide at its seat, and 65cm wide at its feet. Its wheels sit on a low-slung five-pronged swiveling base.

This chair is cushy and comfortable, so many office workers consider it the best office chair under 200 dollars. Just hope your boss orders the version with a relaxing footrest …

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8. Like Regal Executive ergonomic computer gaming chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 Executive
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Maybe you’re impressed by the features of Like Regal but are put off by the bright colors and strappy cushions. In that case, their Executive model could the best office chair under 200 dollars for your needs. It comes in eight colors instead of ten, but the color is uniform throughout the chair. Also, the colors are understated and conservative – varieties of browns, blacks, and beiges.

Yes, the chair has extra cushioning in strategic places, but these are built into the chair instead of being strapped on. The bonus padding on the Like Regal Executive is placed behind your head and behind your knees, so they ease soreness in your neck and joints. The chair can lean back quite far and has a footrest you can pull out or fold away, depending on your office needs.

Like its more colorful sibling, its pedestal sits on a 5-pronged wheelbase that swivels and sins without squeaking. The asterisk design keeps the chair stable so it won’t tip over, no matter how far you lean forward or how heavy your frame is. You adjust the height of your chair’s seat, which also adjusts its armrests, making your less strained as you write, work, or type.

For traditionally decorated offices that prefer tones down color schemes, Like Regal Executive seats are sure to be a hit. The lighter shades show dirt more easily though, so clean them often.

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9. Domotwo WCG Computer Chair

Best Office Chair Under 200 WCG
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This seat is marketed as the best office chair under 200 dollars for computer users. This is because it’s easily adjustable height is convenient. With a simple lever, you can raise the seat for more ergonomic access to your computer desk. Or you can lower it and let your legs tuck more comfortably under the table. The armrests are also helpful for computer users.

The sides of the chair have comfy curves as well, contouring to your body and letting you lean back with your arms over the sides. If you need a quick nap as you wait out traffic, you can use your chair’s levers to lean back and pull out the footrest. But because the back angle is both flexible and stable, you can lie back without hurting yourself, falling over, or breaking anything.

The two-tone chair comes in eight color combinations including a playfully vibrant orange. The chair has a cushion strapped to its headrest, providing additional support for your neck and head. There’s also a lumbar cushion for lower back, but it’s on a sliding strap so you can raise it or lower it to the preferred position on your back. This gives you padding where you want it.

The five-pronged base on this chair has a higher arc than the ones we’ve seen so far, making the chair ‘stand taller’. But it’s still easy to adjust and provides a full-circle swivel.

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10. Textured Office Chair

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 200 Textured
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Look around the office and compare your bosses’ chair to yours. Does it look the same? This task shouldn’t make you feel bad. It’s just to remind you that chairs symbolize status. In this way, the choice of chair expresses the mood and culture at your office. And if you’ve noticed the difference, your clients and work partners will too. So what if you prefer the simple approach?

If you want customers and colleagues to see your office as laid-back and low-fuss, this might be the best office chair under 200 dollars. Its backrest is simple but stylish, with its textured tiles structure. The chair doesn’t have a dedicated headrest, so it may strain your neck, but your shoulders stay supported. The chair also lacks a footrest, but it’s still comfy and professional.

The high-arc asterisk wheel-base is sturdy and regal. The chair itself is easy to raise or lower but it doesn’t lean back. The chair does come with a loose cushion you can place at your lower back or hip joint for a little added back support. The lines between the squares help in load-spreading to lessen back strain. The chair comes in four colors, and you can pick a leather or fabric cover.

While you can’t lean back to nap in this chair, the unattached cushion can still be positioned for maximum comfort. Just don’t take the cushion out of the office – that could get you in trouble!

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Sit This One Out!

If you want to be comfy at work, we suggest you buy Like Regal WGC. Here’s why:

  • It comes in six stylish color selections to match your office décor.
  • You can ship it from China or Russia, whichever is easier for you.
  • It’s easy to adjust its height and the angle of its backrest.
  • The chair has a retractable footrest.
  • It has extra strap-on cushions to support your neck, shoulders, and lower back.
  • The sturdy wheels are solid, and the seat swivels 360°.

What does your current office chair look like? Show us a photo in the comments!

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