10 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 (Reviews of 2020)

Nothing beats the scintillating flavor and aroma of a good espresso. And while your favorite coffee shape may do it just right, you might not always have access. The next best thing is brewing your shots at home. That requires technique … and the right gadget.

It can save you money too. That daily trip to the café can build up. So if you can make it yourself, you can have as many as you want without feeling guilty or denting your wallet. Remember though, you want to spend less, so let’s find you the best espresso machine under 200 dollars.

The Best Espresso machine under 200 dollars

1. Sonifer Dual for Capuccino and Espresso (Our Top Pick)

Best Espresso machine under 200 Sonifer
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If you’ve ever received shot glasses as a gift (or ordered shots at various bars), you’ll know there’s no standard measurement for shots. At least not the alcoholic ones. But in the world of caffeine, a shot is 1 fluid ounce (roughly 30ml), and you’ll probably make it a double. But just because the servings are tiny doesn’t mean you want to make your coffee one drop at a time.

That’s why the 1.6-liter capacity on this device makes it the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. It makes both espressos and cappuccinos. The coffee machine has a generous capacity, but the machine itself is compact, so it won’t hog your counter space. It measures 23cm by 25cm by 29cm. And it has some special features to give you that extra-pampered touch …

You can warm your coffee cup by placing it on top of the coffee machine.  And the machine has three buttons, each with an indicator. They control steam so you can decide how frothy you want your drink to be. The coffee machine has a detachable nozzle, tray, and tank for easy cleaning. Its body is made of a stainless-steel-aluminum alloy and uses both coffee grounds and pods.

The 15-bar pressure and dual filter on this espresso machine ensure a sharp, frothy drink, whether you’re chugging your espresso neat or using it as a base for your mocha or latté.

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2. Cordless Turkish Coffee Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 Cordless
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Espressos have a wait of pumping your bloodstream and hitting you hard. But there’s something even better – Turkish Coffee. Sometimes called Arabic Coffee, it’s traditionally boiled in a copper pot using very fine coffee grounds. The powdery beans are even finer than your typical espresso. So if you’re looking for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars, try going Turkish.

This Cordless Turkish Coffee Maker will rival anything your coffee shop can brew. It has a half-liter capacity and a 12.5cm detachable jug. The machine itself measures 22cm by 15cm and its power plug is a meter long for added convenience. And you don’t have to second-guess your portions, because the coffee maker comes with a free spoon to measure your coffee grounds.

The device is easy to use. Just load it, press the power button, and wait for the beep. The machine prepares your espresso on low heat, simmering it to perfection. It has a built-in overflow system for no-mess brewing, and it has anti-overheating technology as well. Plus, if you forget to fill it before turning it on, the boil-dry protection will keep the machine from shorting.

Cordless machines can be tricky. This one has a non-slip base, a cord storage section, and prevention against overflowing, overheating, or dry-boiling, so kitchen safety is guaranteed.

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3. Portable Mini Espresso Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 mini
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You’ve heard of Nutribullets and blender cups. But for the less smoothie-oriented, we give you the 2-in-1 Capsule Coffee Maker. At 3 inches by 3 inches by 8.5 inches, it can pass for a thermal flask and sit snug in your bag. But underneath that docile exterior, there an electricity-powered coffee brewing machine! It can make your espresso in 25 to 30 seconds at 12 to 15 bar pressure.

It seems pretty easy to use – there’ a huge labeled button that shows you where to press. But it can still be a little puzzling. For example, it has two cups, one at each end. So it can be confusing to figure out where the water goes in and the coffee comes out. (No, it’s not the same place.) The water tank holds 3 shots (3oz/90ml) and the coffee receptacle holds 8g of grounds.

As for the flask itself, it weighs 525g while empty. It’s a quiet device though, so you can discreetly brew that espresso shot if you start to doze off in the meeting. It makes cold-brew as well, and it charges by USB, and the charger cable is included in the shipping box. The coffee maker comprises food-grade construction, but it doesn’t boil water so you have to load it hot.

This device comes in several colors, but they’re not just for decoration. If you buy an orange unit, it can only take powdered coffee for espresso or Turkish coffee. The blue version can only brew regular coffee through its coffee capsule. So if you want a machine with both a powder valve and a capsule valve, make sure you order the portable 2-in-1 machine in black.

You may be unsure this is the best espresso machine under 200 dollars but consider this. You can take it everywhere and charge it anywhere. When full, it makes three espresso shots, and once you charge it, you can brew as much as 200 coffee cups. Keep the electrical bits dry though.

This handy device lets you carry an espresso in your pocket … or at least in your bag. But it does need preheated water. And while the detachable parts can be rinsed, keep the main body dry.

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4. Siphon Tea & Coffee Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 Siphon
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You often hear people complaining about ‘style over substance’. But it’s possible to have both. This adorably beautiful coffee maker distills the richest cup of tea or coffee on the planet, and that makes it the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. Every session will feel like a carefully calibrated lab experiment or a visit to the most elite winery or distillery around.

Plus, it makes the perfect gift and looks gorgeous displayed on any tabletop. Even the serving process looks sophisticated. The coffee pot comprises two glass canisters, and an insulated stand, a heating wick, and a coffee grinder atop a wooden coffee chest. The espresso maker is a little under 40cm, so it needs open space above it. The wick is fed with alcohol or gas and is sold separately.

The bulbous beaker heats up at low temperatures, and the coffee grounds are filtered through flannel to extract any powdery contaminants that may affect the flavor of your espresso. The insulated handle is available in combinations of copper, bronze, black brass, and silver steel. You’ll have to grid the coffee yourself though, and the manual coffee mill requires elbow grease.

This espresso maker looks beautiful and brews effectively. But while the machine itself is affordable, you have to buy the grinder, wick, and fuel separately. That raises your coffee costs.

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5. Electric Greek Coffee Pot

Best Espresso machine under 200 Electric
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What if you can’t decide between the traditional analog look and modern mechanics? In that case, this electric coffee pot could be the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. It’s a cordless kettle that sits on an electric plate with an on/off toggle switch. Don’t let its basic appearance fool you. This device makes the perfect espresso shot by spinning on its base plate at 800W.

The pot has no filter or lid, so you’ll need some careful pouring skills to get that frothy effect. The kettle holds 500ml of heated beverage so it’ll give you around 5 cups of espresso. And because there’s no filter, you’ll have to sieve your drink as it flows into your cup. The ergonomic handle allows easy pouring, and this multipurpose pot can also prepare tea and milk.

The electric kettle has an IP rating of IPX4, so it’s sweat-proof, but not waterproof, ironically. So don’t immerse the base in water, and wipe it dry before (and between) uses. The espresso pot measures 12cm by 10.4 cm (4.72 by 4.13 inches) at the base. The spout is 9.5cm and the handle is 15cm. The pot is made of silver-colored stainless steel on a sturdy plastic base.

If simplicity suits your style, this espresso maker is singing your song. It can brew up to five cups with the touch of a button. But because it’s lidless, check that your coffee doesn’t spill over!

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6. Manual Mini Mocha Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 manual
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This is our second portable contender for ‘best espresso machine under 200 dollars’. Its controls are a little more complex. You have to screw the button open or closed before you plunge it in, but there are clear arrows to indicate which way you should be twisting. The coffee maker takes pre-boiled water since it has no heating filament. Its coffee scoop makes it easy to measure though.

This device is extremely compact – 60mm by 198mm. And while some versions are marked open/ close, others have the plunger marked with lock/unlock. Either way, operating this machine is intuitive. Load the coffee and water, secure the plunger, then press it down. When it’s up, the plunger makes a convenient handle to serve your drink or carry your coffee maker.

The Mocha Maker is a manual device. It doesn’t use electricity and is made of food-grade plastic. The plunger/piston is described as semi-automatic and the coffee maker is only suitable for coffee powder. It can’t grind coffee beans, but it can still make a reasonably frothy espresso. The water tank holds 70ml and the coffee canister holds 7g of goodness. Boil the water first!

This cute espresso machine packs a powerful caffeine punch. You don’t have to charge it or plug it in so you can use it anywhere. But you do need a separate heater or flask for hot water.

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7. Onlim Italian Coffee Machine

Best Espresso machine under 200 Onlim
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Let’s get back into the industrial space. This fancy coffee machine qualifies for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars because you can control heat and steam independently. The thermostat has separate modes for these two functions, so it’s easier to calibrate the exact amount of froth you desire. The machine also has a pressure rod that can swivel 180° to your preferred position.

The device releases espresso at pressures of up to 20 bars, so you get the ultimate froth experience. It has a decent-sized capacity of 1.3 liters and its power cable is 105 cm, so it can stretch some distance from your wall plug. It’s a hefty machine though, nearly 4 kilos. Its dimensions on the countertop are 205mm x 310mm by 260 mm. It uses 105W of power.

This device is designed to fit 220V outlets, so you may need a step-down adapter if you don’t want to instantly fry it. You can order suitable plugs for UK, Australia, or EU.

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8. Espresso Grinder and Bottle Pot

Best Espresso machine under 200 Grinder and Bottle Pot
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Some people prefer coffee capsules while others would rather use powder. But none of the espresso makers we’ve looked at so far had a built-in grinder. That single factor just might make this the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. It looks cute but innocuous on the outside – a basic bottle in red or black. You wouldn’t know it was anything but a flask or juice canister.

But underneath the lid, this device has a coffee mill you can use to crush your own beans. The stainless steel handle spins clockwise and can achieve varying levels of fineness. The crank is removable and adjustable, so once your grounds are done, take out the handle and add the boiling water. The lower half of the gadget is a mug, so you can enjoy your espresso on the spot.

The bottle stays cutely compact when it’s not in use because the handle tucks into the mill and stays safely out of sight. The espresso machine measures 19.3 cm by 8.9 cm and holds 400ml of coffee. It’s made of silicone and stainless steel and weighs 405g when empty, so it’s a little hefty. It doesn’t have a heater or a power plug, so you do need a heat source to prepare your water.

With this espresso machine, you have all you need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. It includes a grinder, a coffee bean storage cup, and a mug. You just need pre-heated water.

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9. Hibrew Coffee Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 HiBREW
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We’ve seen a 2-in-1. Now let’s explore this 3-in-1 as a competitor for best espresso machine under 200 dollars. It comes in white, pink, or black, and brews your espresso at 19 bars of pressure. It’s a little fussy to load because you have to place the water tank at the back and the coffee capsule (or powder) at the front. The push-buttons are positioned at the top of the device.

But being Italian, it has a sleek, streamlined, sportscar-inspired design. You can load it with Nespresso capsules for your espresso or dolce gusto, but you can use standard coffee powder as well. The three buttons at the top are for on/off and size, which can be 100ml or 150ml. These don’t just set the volume, they also automatically set the right pressure for your drink.

This coffee machine gives you results in 40 seconds. Its water tank has a capacity of 600ml. The wide lid makes it easy to fill without spilling. And if you run it for more 15 minutes at a time, it will go into eco-mode to save energy. The device will automatically turn itself off to prevent dry-boiling in case you switch it on without water. It measures 260 x 260 x 110mm and weighs 3kg.

This machine is set for 220 to 240V, so it may need a step-down for use within the US. It uses up 1450W so your power bill is sure to surge … but that exquisite cup of coffee is worth it!

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10. Staresso Manual Coffee Maker

Best Espresso machine under 200 Staresso
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Glass has a way of making everything look fancier and more luxurious. So while the manual model we’ve looked at before were sturdy, cool, and practical, this one looks more sophisticated and lush. It comes with a shot glass slotted into the bottom section, ready to collect your espresso. The manual pump pressurizes your coffee at 15 bars, and it’s easy to press down.

The top of the Staresso has a milk frother, which other manual machines lack. This portable bubble nozzle makes this the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. The device works with both powder and capsules, but it has no internal heating element, so you do need hot water to load it. Staresso comes in five colors, but the glass is fragile. And it can only make one glass at a time.

This coffee maker comes in cute colors including pink, green, and blue. It has a fizzing canister for your milk, but it has no storage space and no internal heater. It’s ideal for one-shot drinks.

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Shots! Shots! Shots!

When you need that hit of caffeine, the best espresso machine under 200 dollars is the Sonifer Dual for Capuccino and Espresso. Here’s why:

  • It holds 1.6 liters and brews at 15 bar.
  • It can make both cappuccinos and espressos.
  • The stainless steel top takes the edge of chilly cups.
  • It has an aluminum alloy boiler and three steam switches.
  • You can load it with coffee pods or coffee grounds.

Do you have a machine at home or do you prefer a coffee shop? Either way, we’d like you to express yourself with an espreselfie in the comments. Give us your best shot!

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