10 Best Air fryers Under $100 (Reviews of 2020)

Air fryers are becoming more popular. They give you the same crispiness and flavor of traditional deep fryers … but they use a fraction of the oil. Most models use a tablespoon or two. And they have small frying capacities, but that’s okay because the food is genuinely fast.

If you wait an hour or two before eating, your fried food may get soggy, so it’s best to air-fry and serve immediately. But how can you be sure you’ve ordered the best air fryer under 100 dollars? We can begin by checking out the specs on a few top models …

The Best Air fryer under 100 dollars

 1. Konka 2.4-liter Air Fryer (Our Top Pick)

Best Air fryer under 100 Konka
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What makes Konka the best air fryer under 100 dollars? It’s extremely easy to use. Glance at the top surface. It has icons representing eight different types of food. Below the icons, there’s a guide on how long to cook each food and at what temperature. The air fryer reaches temperatures as high as 400°F/200°C. You can set the timer in one-minute increments up to half an hour.

Once the timer is done, the air fryer will ding to alert you. The icons can also be used preset cooking modes. Just put your food in, use the relevant guideline, and wait for the ding. Because the cooking process uses multi-directional hot air instead of hot oil, your food is ready faster. The frying basket can grill and steam. It’s removable and you can clean it safely in a dishwasher.

And you’re less likely to scald yourself because the air fryer’s handle is fully insulated. It stays cool while it’s cooking and since it uses little to no oil, there’s less mess. There’s no grease and grime to clean up except the food’s intrinsic fat (this may happen with meat, fish, chicken, or baked goods). But the cooking baskets and grease trays are all non-stick for easy cleaning.

This 2.4-liter air fryer is versatile in its cooking methods. Beyond frying, it can roast, bake, steam, or broil. It comes with a 3-year warranty but needs a step-down adapter for US buyers.

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2. Multifunctional 5.2-Liter Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Multifunctional
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Many air fryers claim they can bake pizza. But the best air fryer under 100 dollars needs a large enough basket. Otherwise, you can only make mini bites and hot pockets. This model meets that criteria, with its 5.2-liter cooking pot and its 3.2-liter frying basket and its 300mm diameter at its widest point. The frying device stands 334mm tall and stands flat despite its curves. It won’t tip.

Unlike the Konka, this device uses digital controls. Use its LCD screen to select cooking temperature, cooking time, or preset cooking instructions. The sleek black fryer is made of tough ABS plastic with non-stick coatings on the internal cooking surfaces. The lid is insulated so you won’t burn yourself while setting, cooking, or serving. And it has seven preset cooking modes.

This gadget uses up a lot of power though – 1400W. That’ll put a bleep in your power bill. Also, it’s a 120V/220V/230V cooking device, so while you can order a plug for your locality, you won’t need a step-down adapter to use it safely. The rear vent keeps the air fryer from overheating or short-circuiting. Cooking temperatures run from 80°C to 200°C with a 30-minute timer.

This pretty package has multiple features, but unlike competitors, its non-stick cooking baskets aren’t dishwasher safe. Use liquid soap, a foamy non-abrasive sponge, and hot water instead.

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3. Pershow 5.2-Liter Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Pershow
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This air fryer looks a lot like the previous model. So why do we favor it as the best air fryer under 100 dollars? Well, it has clearer visuals, which makes it easier to use. Above the insulated handle, there’s a convenient chart with hints in cooking various foods. The label shows cooking times and cooking temperature, and can be helpful when you don’t want to wing it or look up recipes.

Other than that, it has the same shape, size, capacity, and aesthetics. You can control it using the LCD control panel at the top of the air fryer. This 5.2-liter device uses up 1400W so it’s a power guzzler. It’s a dual voltage unit that can be safely used at 120V or 230V without a step-down adapter. The fryer is fed by a stainless steel heat pipe that creates a high-heat 360° tornado.

The fryer’s feet have anti-skid pads. This is important because the curvy cooker vibrates as it works, and is used on a counter that may be slick with spilled food, dripped oil, or kitchen moisture. The pads keep the cooker in place with the insulated lid and handle help you avoid burns and scalds. It’s an electrical device though, so avoid handling it with wet hands.

The Pershow air fryer has a detachable basket with a quick-release button for easy loading, serving, and cleaning. The perforated basket helps you drain intrinsic excess fat from your food.

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4. Uten LCD Air Fryer with 3.8-Liter Capacity

Best Air fryer under 100 Uten
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Many air fryers have their control panels and directions on their top surfaces. But while the lid isn’t necessarily functional, you’ll touch it a lot while you cook. Meaning any writings and markings may soon fade or scrape off. This candidate for ‘best air fryer under 100 dollars’ opts for a clean lid that has nothing printed on it, not even a brand name. This gives it a cleaner finish.

Instead, a digital control panel does the job. This spherical surface is on the side of the device, positioned above the handle. Using this touchscreen, you can decide on the temperature, duration, and style of your cooking session. Remember, air fryers are just for sliced potatoes. You can make a wide variety of dishes including pizza, fruit tarts, and steamed seafood.

This air fryer uses up 1350W to cook, but you can fry with little to no oil. Instead, air is heated and circulated at temperatures of up to 400°F. The food is heated from all sides so it cooks quickly and evenly. This results in cooking times up to 70% faster than conventional frying, roasting, or baking. The cooker has a 3.8-liter cooking pot and a 2.8-liter frying basket.

To allow comprehensive cooking and even heat distribution, the Uten air fryer uses a 30W built-in fan and two hot-air pipes. The pipes cut cooking time in half, so it’s ideal for quick snacking.

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5. Extra-Large Convection Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Large
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When you’re shopping for the best air fryer under 100 dollars, you may find yourself in the convection cooker section. After all, it technically doesn’t use oil. Some may disagree … is it still a fryer if it doesn’t make fries? Well, you can cook potatoes in it. And chicken. And clams. The cooker has a glass cooking pot rather than a plastic one, so you can watch your food as it cooks. That’s a plus.

The convection oven has a 17-liter capacity, so you can cook a whole chicken in one go. This air fryer can fry, roast, bake, grill, and steam. You can even use it to defrost your dishes. It has a heating range of 60°C to 250°C. The touchpad can be confusing because it has so many controls and functionalities. It works at both 110V and 240V without the need for a step-down.

The cooker uses infra-red rays to cook. And because everything happens in an enclosed glass chamber, heat is recycled and cooking smells are contained, providing speed discretion while you cook.  The neighbors no longer have to know what you’re having for dinner! The glass pot also contains any spills and sputters from hot food, so there’s less mess to clean up afterward.

This convection cooker has extra safety features. When you raise the handle and lift the air fryer, it automatically shuts off the power, turning itself back on once you put the cooker down.

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6. Rotary 2-Liter Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Rotary
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Many of the air fryers we’ve reviewed had bulbous egg-like designs. This one is more cylindrical. But because its frying basket is still located in its lower half, its shape doesn’t reduce heat distribution or efficiency. It does affect the capacity of this contestant for ‘best air fryer under 100 dollars’. The tube-shaped cooker can hold 2 liters of food and it has no digital controls.

Instead, it has two manual rotary dials – one for temperature (up to 200°C) and one for time (up to 30 minutes). It’s a dual-voltage fryer, functioning at 110V or 220V and using up 1000W. The lid has drawings and directions on how to cook common food types. They’re simple instructions – an icon, a time indication, and a temperature suggestion that makes cooking easy.

The fryer measures 21cm by 22cm and stands 24cm high. The air fryer is heated via heating tube and is made of glossy black stainless steel. It’s not dishwasher-safe, but it’s easy to clean. When you pull out the frying basket, the circuit automatically breaks, turning off the machine. So you’ll less likely to electrocute yourself or fry the machine itself while you’re handling it.

This air fryer performs well and has inbuilt measures to prevent overheating. Note that unlike other fryers, the closing plate is permanently attached to the basket. So don’t try to pry it off.

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7. Air Frying Deep Fryer 5.5 Liters

Best Air fryer under 100 deep
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Often, air fryers have their control panels on the top, side, or both. This model takes an interesting angle by introducing a top curve that slides down the side. The control panel is placed along thing sliding contour. This gives the best air fryer under 100 dollars additional aesthetic appeal. The two control knobs are next to each other with indicator lights between them.

The fryer has a 5.5-liter capacity and a 30-minute timer. The heat settings go from 90°C to 200°C. The top of the cooker contains the usual icons and their accompanying cooking directions. But this device is the biggest power consumer we’ve explored so far, using up a whopping 1500W. And being a 220V device, American buyers will need a step-down adapter.

The frying basket has a removable perforated grill for easier cleaning. It’s not suitable for your dishwasher, and it comes with an Australian plug. But it does have built-in protection against overheating. The fryer is larger than other brands, measuring 34cm by 36cm by 24cm. The frying basket is 11cm deep. The frying pan is a rounded square rather than a circle.

Despite its unusual lines and curves, this air fryer does a decent job of healthy cooking. But it uses up a lot of electricity, and it’s not dishwasher-safe so you have to clean it manually.

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8. Household Air Fryer 5.5 Liters

Best Air fryer under 100 Household
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Supposing you liked the looks of our previous model but were unimpressed by the manual controls. Well, you could opt for this version of the best air fryer under 100 dollars. It’s nearly identical to the previous one, but instead of two rotary knobs, it has a single circular digital panel.

This screen has 7 menu modes, heat settings, and preset cooking guides that range from shrimp to pork ribs and even selected desserts. You can set the timer in 30-minute intervals if you want to slow-cook a dish, but with the high heat settings, you’re unlikely to cook anything for more than an hour. Air fryers cook between 70% and 200% faster than traditional cooking methods.

The fryer can be tricky to use though, since it has a single display unit for all its functionalities. It can take time to figure out how it works. The fryer measures 31cm by 33cm by 24cm. It’s a 220V frying unit with a 1500W power expenditure. The air fryer has a fully metallic body.

For home fryers who prefer touchscreen controls, this is a good brand to buy. It has an above-average capacity of 5.5 liters, but it also uses above average amounts of electricity.

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9. Pink Perfection Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Pink
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Color selection isn’t a key criterion when you’re buying an air fryer. But if the best air fryer under 100 dollars is pink, then why not? This model has a capacity of 2.5 liters, weighs roughly 4kg, and if you’re worried about dampening your masculinity, you can buy it in gray. The air fryer has two rotary knobs on its front, just above its insulated handle. It also has two indicator lights.

The cooking icons at the top of the air fryer aren’t labeled in English, but the drawings and numbering are easy to understand. The frying basket can be detached from the cooking pot. And while the cooking pan has a non-stick bottom, the frying basket has slits to drain excess fats and unwanted cooking juices. These are great for basting your roast and keeping cuts moist.

The air fryer has a rear vent for cooling and an auto-shut-off to prevent electrical damage. It’s 220V fryer with country-specific plug options. It measures 32cm by 27.5cm and its pan is 11.5cm deep. The temperature settings on this device go from 100°C to 200°C. It also comes in blue, tan and black, so if you care about color, you’re sure to find one that suits your decorative style.

This air fryer may look deceptively soft (because of its pastel hue), but it’s a powerhouse. And don’t worry about electrocution – the power cuts off automatically when you pull out the basket.

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10. Monda High-Speed 1.5-Liter Air Fryer

Best Air fryer under 100 Monda
Image: hoy como ayer

We’ll close off our list with a visually distinct choice for ‘best air fryer under 100 dollars’. This oddly-shaped fryer is stable because it’s wider at the bottom. Its control dials are located at the smaller top surface, below two indicator lights. It’s a small fryer though, with a capacity of just 1.5 liters. But it’s a 220V unit and uses 1230W so buy a step-down adapter and expect a media power bill.

This air fryer is made of ABS plastic. It measures 32cm by 24.5cm by 13.2cm. Apart from frying, roasting, and baking, you can use this device to thaw frozen food or warm your leftovers. Temperature settings run from 80°C to 200°C. And while all the models on this list have 30-minute timers, this one can clock up to an hour between dings. The pan is 12.5cm deep.

This Monda air fryer has a unique silhouette and manual controls. Its ABS body holds heat well and maintains 360° heat exposure so your food cooks evenly throughout.

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Healthy Fried Food!

If you want to cut down grease, Konka is the best air fryer under 100 dollars. Here’s why:

  • It has a frying capacity of 2.5 liters.
  • It cooks with no oil at all so it’s extremely healthy.
  • It’s versatile – you can bake muffins, prepare fruits, fry fish, or make pizza.
  • The top of the air fryer has icons showing the best cooking time and temperature.
  • It has two rotary dials so you can easily select the cooking temperature and duration.

How do you fry your food? Send us a photo in the comments – even if it’s not an air fryer!

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