Are KN95 Face Masks Reusable or Disposable?

are kn95 masks washable

As the world is currently dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is doing their best to stay safe. Other than the enforcement of quarantine and lockdown in most parts of the world, the most recommended safety measure put in place to combat the spread of the virus is the use of face masks. This measure has seen the market for face masks proliferate.

However, one of the critical things to ask yourself before you purchase a kn95 face mask or any other face mask is whether it is reusable or disposable. There has been a shortage of these masks. This has left many people in a dilemma of whether they should get a new one after every use. Here is what you need to know about the kn95 face masks.

The kn95 mask is a Chinese version of the n95 face mask of the United States. Due to the shortage of kn95 masks brought about by the increased demand, most people are reusing them. It should be noted that all face masks are disposable. Health professionals do not recommend the practice of reusing kn95 costumes.

However, if the need arises, make sure to follow the guidelines below.

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Practices for Reuse of the kn95 Face Masks

kn95 face masks reusable
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To ensure the kn95 face masks are reused in the right manner, everyone should adhere to the guidelines below.

1. You Should Not Share the Masks

Any surgical mask should only be used by one medical professional and disposed of immediately after use. If the mask must be reused due to various reasons, it has to be reused by the same person.

Passing a used kn95 face mask to another person after use will only be exposing their health to danger. The kn95 masks are not to be shared even by relatives or close friends. This is a critical safety measure, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

2. Extended Use

There is a slight difference between reusing and extending the use of a mask. Experts recommend extending the use of the face mask rather than reusing it. If you are working on a shift, the face mask should be on until your turn is over. Do not keep on putting the mask on and off. It should be noted that one of the ways the covid-19 disease spreads is through touching your face.

If you keep wearing and removing the kn95 face mask, you will increase the chances of reaching your face, thereby risking infection of the disease. Remember that you cannot quickly tell who is infected or not. Removing the mask for a minute is more than enough time to expose your time, and that will only render the mask useless. It is, however, hard to predict the exact time to extend the use of the kn95 face mask, according to medical experts. This does not mean you should wear the mask for a very long period.

3. Store the kn95 Face mask in a Breathable Container When Not in Use

The safety of the kn95 face masks starts from its storage. When not in use, the face masks should be kept in a container with enough air circulation. Therefore, exposing your k95 veil on empty open surfaces might lead to infections.

Facts About the kn95 Face Masks

kn95 face masks disposable
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There are some critical facts that everyone should note about kn95 face masks.

  • The kn95 face masks are only recommended for health care workers. Other members of the public should look for other alternatives, including the cloth masks. This is due to the shortage of kn95 masks. Also, the healthcare workers are considered to be essential service providers hence need extra protection.
  • Kn95 face masks have a filter performance of 95%, just like the n95 masks. This filter performance is the same as that of the n95 cover of the United States. Although the two are from different countries and different manufacturers, the difference between them is very slight.
  • Their design is aimed to achieve a close facial fit for maximum protection. The reason for wearing a mask is to protect your face from exposure to germs and viruses. The kn95 face mask is designed to fit any look.
  • The kn95 face masks are used as alternatives for the n95 face masks in the US. This is to counter the shortage of costumes being experienced across the world.

Additional Information on the kn95 Face Masks

It is still unclear whether the kn95 face masks can be imported legally. However, the rising demand for facial mask has seen many sellers importing kn95 face masks.

Filter Function of kn95 Mask

The kn95 face masks have five filter function layers which are:

  • The first layer: It filters the dust of micron
  • Second layer: Filters industrial pollutants, and automobile exhaust
  • The third layer: Has a small function to filter dust microns.
  • Fourth layer: Filter small materials
  • Fifth layer: It filters any harmful material.

Important Note

kn95 masks wash
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The kn95 face mask is meant to reduce the risk of exposure to viruses or germs. However, if not well used, you will still be at risk of getting infected. The best way to avoid this is by learning how and when to use the masks correctly. Follow these simple steps to put it on or off:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask. Use alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and running water.
  • Do not touch the veil on the front when putting it off since it may be contaminated.
  • Wash your hand after disposing of the mask.

When to Dispose of the kn95 Face Mask

While it is possible to reuse the kn95 face mask, there are some limits. If you experience any difficulties in breathing through the kn95 face mask due to extended use or reuse, you should dispose of the mask. Also, if the kn95 mask becomes damaged, it should be disposed of immediately.

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Final Verdict

The kn95 face mask should be disposed of immediately after use. It will go a long way in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 disease. However, if you must reuse, you should follow the laid down guidelines. Also, you should wash it before reuse by following the recommended tips on how to clean the masks.

Also, the only way the masks can protect you from viruses and germs is if used correctly. More than one person should not use a single mask. Also, you should note that there is a limit on the number of times you can reuse the mask.

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